In immunization Russians will allocate billion

In  immunization Russians will allocate  billionIn 2006 immunization Russians from the Federal budget will be allocated to 4.1 billion rubles against 1.8 billion in 2005. This statement was made by the head of Rospotrebnadzor, chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko reported. "In this year's draft national immunization we have allocated 1.8 billion, in 2006 we will get to 4.1 billion rubles," he said. According to Onishchenko, next year from hepatitis b will be given 10 million Russians, and in 2007, another 15 million people. Onishchenko also said that due to the vaccination of the population from 0 to 30 years, the number of patients with hepatitis b in Russia can be reduced three times. "Today we have about 10 cases per 100 thousand population, and we should be reduced to 3 cases per 100 thousand population," Onishchenko said. Читать полностью -->


BradWhat are the distinctive features of delirium? Delusions - a false conception, not corresponding to reality, arising in connection with the disease. For delusional ideas in contrast to the errors of judgment in healthy people characterized by irrationality, resistance, often absurd and fantastic. When mental illness (e.g. schizophrenia) delirium is a major disorder with somatic illnesses can develop on the soil infections, intoxications, organic and traumatic lesions of the brain and can occur after heavy or Psychotrauma or other adverse long-term impacts of the external environment. Often delusions combined with hallucinations, then talk about hallucinatory-delusional state. What are acute delusional (hallucinatory-delusional)? They are characterized by delusions relations, harassment, duress, which are often combined with auditory hallucinations, fast growing motor excitation. Читать полностью -->

Developed a vaccine that prevents the recurrence of melanoma

Developed a vaccine that prevents the recurrence of melanomaAustralian scientists have developed a vaccine that dramatically reduces the number of recurrences of such dangerous type of skin cancer, melanoma. Experts from the Melbourne Institute of cancer research (oint Austin Health/Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research) has developed a plant that showed viscou effectiveness against various types of cancer, especially against melanoma. Research Director, Dr. Jonathan Cebon (Jonathan Cebon), considers the results impressive. According to Sebona, managed to achieve an integrated immune response of the organism, which helped to fight the tumor in all possible ways. Combination drug consisting of specific antigen NY-ESO-1 and immunostimulant Isomatrix, were administered to patients operated for about melanoma. Читать полностью -->

the Dead will leave without teeth

the Dead will leave without teethInteresting method of saving the environment from pollution suggested that the Swedish authorities. Under the new bill, now under consideration by the government, it is assumed: mandatory to remove from the teeth of the cremated dead amalgamated dental fillings. The reason for such an unusual way of caring for the preservation of the planet is quite simple - when burning fillings contained mercury (one of the most dangerous for any life forms chemical substances emitted into the atmosphere. Given the fact that amalgam fillings are about 80 percent of Swedes, and 70% of the dead in Sweden cremerius, into the atmosphere each year comes to almost 3 tons of pure mercury. AskDoctor.Ru. . Читать полностью -->


BeliBELI is one of the most common symptoms of gynecological diseases associated with quantitative or qualitative change of the secret Popov bodies. Reason: inflammatory processes, tumors of different localization. Depending on this distinction vestibular, vaginal, cervical, uterine and tubal Beli. Character whiter due to their origin (tubal, uterine and vaginal Beli liquid, cervical - mucous). The admixture of pus usually indicates inflammation, blood - for the development of malignant tumors. Patients complain about the humidity in the vulva and itching. Читать полностью -->

Cardiac asthma and pulmonary edema

Cardiac asthma and pulmonary edemaCARDIAC ASTHMA (SA) AND PULMONARY EDEMA (OL) - paroxysmally forms of heavy breathing difficulties caused by vpotevanie in lung tissue serous fluid with the formation of (gain) oedema - interstitial (cardiac asthma) and alveolar, with foaming rich protein transudate (pulmonary edema). Etiology, pathogenesis. Causes of CA and AL are the primary acute left ventricular failure (myocardial infarction, other acute and subacute forms FOR hypertensive crisis and other paroxysmal forms of arterial hypertension, acute nephritis, acute left ventricular failure in patients with myocardiopathies and others) or acute manifestations of chronic left ventricular failure (mitral or aortic defect, chronic aneurysm of heart other chronic forms IVO etc). To the main pathogenetic factor is the increasing hydrostatic pressure in the pulmonary capillaries are typically joined provoking an attack of additional physical or emotional stress, gipervolemia (overload, fluid retention, increased blood flow in the small circle at the transition into the horizontal position and the violation of Central regulation during sleep and other factors. Accompanying the attack excitation, the rise in blood pressure, tachycardia, tachypnea, increased work of breathing and auxiliary muscles increase the workload of the heart and reduce its effectiveness. The suction action of the forced breath leads to an additional increase of blood supply to the lungs. Читать полностью -->

Supplements to build muscle mass, improve mental abilities

Supplements to build muscle mass, improve mental abilitiesDietary Supplement that many athletes use to build muscle, develops not only muscles, but also mental abilities - at least vegetarians. As shown in a new study, vegetarians, receiving Supplement creatine, show higher results in various tests on a memory test than those who under the guise of creatine consumed placebo, dummy. However, it is unclear, does creatine equally beneficial effects on the "meat eaters" who get creatine with food. As yet unknown, maintained or decreased over time positive effect after people refuse from the use of this substance. Creatine helps the cells to replenish ATP, the immediate source of energy for cellular processes, such as reduction of muscle fibers. For example, the creatine you want to sprint, because in this sport need explosions of energy. Читать полностью -->

Intracranial birth trauma

Intracranial birth traumaThe INTRACRANIAL BIRTH TRAUMA - damage to the brain during birth, based on rupture of vessels and intracranial hemorrhage. Etiology and pathogenesis. Minor bleeding can occur as a result of diapedesis erythrocytes, factors contributing to the emergence of intracranial birth trauma, are a pathology of pregnancy (toxemia, eclampsia, maternal illness), excessive mechanical muffled head of the fetus through the birth canal (narrow pelvis, abnormal position of the fetus), obstetrical benefits. Predisposing factors are morphological and incompleteness ways, the structure of the vessels and the vascular wall, decreased capillary resistance, low levels of prothrombin and fibrinogen in the blood of newborns and possible defects of the blood coagulation system, the imperfection of the nervous regulation of vascular tone. Severe lack of oxygen and acidosis also predispose to the occurrence of hemorrhage as a result of increased vascular permeability, development of the fetal brain. Depending on the localization distinguish epidural hemorrhage (intracranial cephalhematoma) in case of damage to the bones of the skull; subdural - with the defeat of venous sinuses, the gap mostacciuolo nameta; subarachnoid - soft cerebral membrane and podporchennoy space; intraventricular - side, often in the third and fourth ventricles, in the matter of the brain, are found mainly in premature infants. Читать полностью -->

Gangrene of the lung

Gangrene of the lungGANGRENE of the LUNG is progressing putrefactive decomposition of lung parenchyma under the influence of anaerobic infections. Predisposing diseases can be chronic alcoholism, diabetes mellitus, aspiration of purulent foci of infection in the mouth and throat, pneumonia in immunocompromised patients. There are acute gangrene within the anatomical boundaries of the share (DOPA) without restrictive pyogenic membrane and gangrenous, often gigantic, abscess. The symptoms for. For acute. Quick, generalized collapse of lung tissue with putrid, bloody sputum containing elastic fibers, fatty acids, crystals leucine and tyrosine. Читать полностью -->

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